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Welcome to Zeitgeist Northwest! We offer a link to modern German culture, the German language, politics and the arts. We provide a variety of opportunities to learn, to be entertained, to meet like-minded people and to network.  Importantly, we make it possible for those wanting to speak German, from native German speakers to those just learning the basics, to do so.

We are a membership organization whose members are united by their belief that our cultural heritage and language play an important role in our lives and that of our children. We know that many Germans and Americans alike here in the Pacific Northwest share that belief and would like to connect to modern Germany.

Zeitgeist Northwest fills a niche of what has been missing – we will be a link to a Germany that has emerged as a vibrant, open, liberal society, leaving a dark past behind. We will inform, trigger debate, reach out to be inclusive, and connect those who happily live in the U.S. but would like to keep parts of their German identity alive in a shared forum.

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