Zeitgeist Northwest founders & doers


The Board:

Klaus Engelhardt. Studium: Romanisitik an der LMU. Collegedozent (im Ruhestand) am Lewis and Clark College. Freizeit: Lesen, schreiben, wandern.
Currently member of the Board

Lars Häcker, currently Treasurer of the Board

Friderike Heuer emigrated to the US in 1981 from Hamburg, Germany. She holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology but spends her time doing photomontages. She is one of the founding members of ZGNW and currently President of the Board.

Ernst Hartmut Laemmert, BSF, retired consulting forester, active as licensed real estate broker. Founding member and enthusiastic supporter of ZGNW and its mission, and currently Secretary of the Board.

Beate Weiss-Krull, currently Vice President of the Board

And more founders & doers:

Petra Brambrink

Manfred Grabski, grew up in Berlin (Ost) during the “Cold War”; studied Architecture at Bauhaus University of Weimar. Since then has been a practicing architect, both as employee and in own practice. I’m open to zeitgemaessen views in culture and politics with a healthy awareness of history. I also contribute to a vital organization through my interest in photography, chess and political and cultural Austausch.

Klaus Heyne

Iris Noack, came to Oregon from Ulm, Germany and now works as self-employed Graphic Designer. Also teaches art at the German American School, and Saturdays teaches at the Sophie Scholl Schule.

Lynn Ries, PhD: School Director, Sophie Scholl Schule. Educator, administrator, and ongoing language learner!

Sascha Siekmann

Dieter Waiblinger
1989 Founder and Manager of The World Trade Center School of Languages, 1995 Founder of The Language Company, 2000 Founder of viaLanguage, 2010 Founder of Virtual Yoga Club LLC, www.YogaLiveLInk.com






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